Colour Choices

We carry a wide variety of stock colours you can choose from and you're always welcome to come in and choose from our sample chits. If we do not carry your choice, you may visit one of our quality supplier's websites for more choices:

In the unlikely event you do not find any color matches from all these sources you may submit a color sample for us to custom match.

Automated Powder Coating Line

Once your finish is chosen, your parts are prepped and hung on our moving line. The parts move via conveyer to the first area, a water and cleaning agent wash. The parts are stripped of any dirt or grease, etched and prepared to receive your powder choice. At this point, the parts are wet. They proceed to the dry off oven, where they are completely dried. Once dry, your parts proceed through the powder application booth. Here your parts are coated manually in your choice of powder through a computerized electrostatic process. Your parts then travel through the final oven which cures your powder colour choice into your bullet proof, durable, long lasting, finish. Once cooled, your parts are done. The whole process takes approximately 100 minutes from hanging to finished. This state of the art automated line is able to process your large heavy parts up to 200 inches long, 59 inches high and 35 inches wide and we are capable of processing 2000-4000 parts per day. As experienced professionals, we are able to accommodate most over sized pieces with some manipulation and hanging configuration.

Always contact us if you have any questions. Please visit our FAQ section for fabricating tips to assist in ensuring you have the perfect finished part.

Packaging and Light Assembly

Once finished, why handle parts twice? Your parts will have your specific requirements applied right when they come off the line. Everything from specialty boxing to light assembly, you name it -you got it. Our experienced assembly team will install your casters, caps, and hardware. You may also have your pieces assembled, with instructions, bar code labels, whatever you need to get your parts customer ready. Straight from Flash, to your customer, saving on shipping costs. No work required on your end.

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